Call Schedule / Book an Appointment

Call Schedule / Book an Appointment

The Schedule will be available to view from the Home Screen.

The schedule is connected into the Calendar App on the device and will display the current days entries in the calendar.
Past appointment times will be shown in RED, whilst upcoming appointments will be shown in BLACK.

Touching on an appointment in the Schedule will provide you with more information and options.

  1. If the appointment was not created in the Inzant App, the standard calendar information popover will be displayed. This allows you to edit any entries made external to Inzant Sales.
  2. If the appointment was made in Inzant Sales then the linked customer is known and a shortcut menu will be displayed.

This allows you to:
  1. start a call/order
  2. edit the entry in the calendar
  3. get directions from Maps or Google
  4. view customer details 

  1. To Book a NEW Appointment, touch the Plus in the top right of the Schedule box. 

You will now view the 'New Event' pop up. 
  1. Enter the Appointment title.
  2. Continue to fill in the appointment fields.
  1. When you have finished editing the event, touch 'Add' in the top right of the window.

  1. To view todays appointments with the customer plotted on a map, you can touch the Map icon. This will change you to the Retailer Search Screen in Map mode filtered to todays calls.

  1. To view the appointments in the iPad calendar App, you can touch on Schedule


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