Quick Guide - Creating an Order using the Management Portal

Quick Guide - Creating an Order using the Management Portal

This is a Quick Guide on Creating a New Order using the Inzant Sales Management Portal

Starting your Order-
Open the Dashboard, Select a Retailer to Start a new Order. Next navigate to the Retailer Details screen.
From a selected retailers detail screen click the'New Order' Icon.

On the new order panel enter any comments or modify the order date if necessary.

Adding, Editing and removing the Items for a New Order

  • Find the desired Products with either the Search bar or the product category tree; 
    1. If using the search you only need to type the first few letters of the product code or name, and the system will suggest products to include. Click on the item in the suggested list to add it to the Order.
    2. If using the Category tree, select the desired category & sub categories to refine the list of items, and then click the Add to Order icon (or double click on the product) to add it to the Order.  
    3. The product will then appear in the products table, here you will see Details about the Product (ex. Supplier, Stock , Qty, Bonus, Discount and Price.

    4. Select the Supplier for each product using the drop down list (this will default to the most appropriate Supplier/Pricelist, however you can overwrite it if you wish).
    5. Enter the currently stocked quantity (only if relevant)
    6. Enter the quantity to be ordered
    7.  Enter the quantity for bonus items
    8. Select a % Discount from the drop down list (if one is relevant)
    9. Once all desired products have been added and you are finished with the order, there are three options;

    The order may be saved in 'Draft' status by clicking the save icon located in the top right of the panel to submit the order. This will save the order as a quote, and will be visible/editable by iPad users as well as admin users - it will not get exported to the accounts / ERP system as a completed order until someone resubmits it as an order.

    The order may be submitted to the cloud for processing by clicking the submit icon located in the top right of the panel to submit the order. This is the standard "Complete Order" button which you would typically use. This Order type will get exported as your standard order export regimes (email or exported to accounts / ERP package or an external supplier).

    The order may be submitted to the cloud as an external order by clicking 'Submit external order' icon located in the top right of the panel to submit the order. This will automatically save the order but no purchase orders will be generated - and the order will not get exported. Orders like this are typically raised to provide context in the system for orders that weren't raised by Inzant, so on the website or the iPad the order history sections look more complete.

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