Dashboard - Overview

Dashboard - Overview

The Dashboard is the default landing page you’ll hit after logging into the Inzant Sales Admin interface. The widgets (zones) on the page are designed to provide insightful, useful information at a glance and are made up from a combination of display only and interactive widgets.
The standard widgets on the screen include;
  • Team Notification Widget
  • Monthly Activity Widget
  • Inzant Featured Article Widget
  • On Hold Orders Widget
  • Subscription Overview Widget

Team Notification Widget

This widget displays the currently configured system notification, in addition to the user who saved the notification and when it was saved. The Notification is not editable from this screen, its read only.
To edit the notification you’ll need to use the Notification edit screen.

Monthly Activity Widget

The Monthly activity widget displays basic summary information for the current calendar month. Included are;
• Count of Sales Orders raised this month
• Total $ amount of Sales Orders raised this month
• Count of Sales Orders cancelled this month
• Count of new Retailers created this month
Additionally there is a line chart running along the top of the widget with month by month sales $ totals for the last 12 months.

Inzant Featured Article Widget

The Featured Article widget is a zone where Inzant will configure some featured content that could be of interest to our users. This may be a short synopsis of an Inzant blog article or a link to a feature release notification.

On Hold Orders Widget

The On Hold Orders widget will display a list of all “On Hold” orders in your Inzant Sales system, including Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Goods Returns & Credit Orders.
The columns displayed are Order Number (and entity type), Retailer Name & Account Number & Order $ total. Each order line is a link that will redirect you to the order itself, which you can then action as required (i.e. either cancel, resubmit or modify then resubmit).

Subscription Overview Widget

The Subscription Overview widget provides “at-a-glance” information regarding your current licensing – both what is enabled and what is being used.
The aim of the widget is to help ensure that you are always aware of what number of users are configured versus licenses enabled, and that you aren’t paying for additional unnecessary licenses.

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