Favourite Lists - Using Multiple Favourite Lists for Ordering

Favourite Lists - Using Multiple Favourite Lists for Ordering

This guide covers the customer facing functions available when Multiple favourite lists are enabled.

Creating / Managing Favourite Lists

To Add, Rename or Remove Favourite lists you'll need to navigate to the My Account screen, then click on the Manage Favourite Lists option. You can reach this screen by clicking the "Account" link in the top right of screen.

Important Note: "Manage Favourite Lists" text is a CMS managed setting, so the text on your site may differ.

Once on this screen, you can Add new lists by click the Add button. This will open a new screen asking you to type in a name for the list, with the option to save or cancel. On clicking Save you'll be returned to the list screen, and the new favourite list will be shown (with 0 items in list).

To edit the name of a list, click on the "Edit" button in the row. This will open a new screen asking you to type in a new name for the list, with the option to save or cancel. On clicking Save you'll be returned to the list screen, and the renamed favourite list will be shown.

To remove a favourite list simply click on the "Delete option - this will permanently remove the favourite list for this customer.

Adding & Removing Items from a Favourite List

Please ensure you have one or more Favourite lists created before trying the below. You can add items to a favourite list from either the Shop screen (list mode) or the Product Details screen.

Shop List Mode
When in the Shop screen, ensure you have "List" mode enabled;

And then click on the favourite icon. This will then open the popup, asking you which pantry list you'd like to add this product to. Simply click on the checkboxes you want and then either click the cross in the top right of screen, or anywhere outside of the white popup window. To remove products from a list, simply perform the same function but uncheck any lists you want removed, and then close the window.

Product Details Screen
When you are looking at the Product Details screen, you'll see directly under the product image a favourite icon. You can click on this to Add/Remove this product from a list. After clicking the icon, the "Add to Pantry List" popup will display - smply click on the checkboxes you want and then either click the cross in the top right of screen, or anywhere outside of the white popup window. 

Ordering Using your Favourite Lists

Finding your Favourite List
To navigate to your Favourite List you can either use the Shop Sidebar Favourite List zone, or simply click on the Favourite Order mode Icon.

Favourite Order Mode - Note that on clicking this the first favourite list will be displayed. You'll then need to use the sidebar zone to swap between favourite lists.

Shop Sidebar zone - After expanding the zone, click on the list you'd like to order from.

To add items to the order you can either change the default qty of 1 to be the amount you want to order, and then click the add button once, or you can simply leave the default qty of 1 and click the add button as many times as you need. If you are finished your order you can simply proceed to the checkout via the normal method (click on the cart button in the top menu zone).

Returning to the Shop
To exit the favourite list ordering experience, you can either click the "Continue Shopping" button in the top left of the shop sidebar, or you can click the Shop Grid or List order mode icons.

Sorting Products in your Favourite List

To sort the products in the favourite list you need to be on the Favourite list screen, and click on the "Edit" button. This will hide the normal order mechanism, and replace it with Up, Down and Remove options. use the Cross icon to remove the products from the list, and use the up and down buttons to sort the products as you wish.

When you've completed the modifications, click the Save button.

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