Navigating the Call History Screen

Navigating the Call History Screen

The Call History screen will display all the Calls and Journal Entries that are loaded on the device. It allows you to select a Call to check the details of the Call. You can filter the list of Calls to quickly find what you are looking for and there are also shortcuts on the screen to assist with getting what you need quickly.

To open the Call History Search screen select the Call History option in the Home Screen Options menu.
This will load the Call History Screen

Call History Header Buttons

At the top of the screen, 
  1. Close Button - this will close this display and return you to the Home screen
  2. Options Button - this displays the Options Menu with additional operations that are related to this screen

Options Menu

This screen may be cancelled by either, 
  1. Touching the Close button (X) 
  2. Swiping down on the screen

The Options Menu provides the following selections:


This will return you to the Home Screen

Show All Orders

This will remove all filter applied to the screen and display all calls.

Sorting Options

Selecting one of the Sort options will return you to the Call History screen with the Calls resorted accordingly

Order Filtering

The next zone allow you to search for Calls and apply addition Filtering to the list of Calls
  1. Touching in the Search Zone will allow you to type in a term to search on. The search will match partial entries for Retailer Names, Account Numbers and Suburbs and full matches of Call No.'s
  2. Touching on the Filter button (Funnel) will load the filtering Options screen

  1. Clicking the x icon in the Search Zone will Clear the Search term and return to All Calls (Filters still applied)

Call Filtering Screen

The Call Filtering Options screen allows displays all the available Filters with the current values. You can then change the applied filters to further refine the list of Calls.
  1. The list of Filters will change depending on the setup of your system and which, if any, Custom fields have been enabled.
  2. Filters will operate on the current Call Search applied.
  3. The Call Filters are cumulative
  4. Filters are broken into two groups, Call  related and Retailer related
There is the Option to quickly Clear any Filters currently applied.

To Clear any Applied Filters
  1. Touch the Clear filters option
To Apply or remove a Filter
  1. Touch the Filter Option desired
  2. This will display a list of Filter Options for that Filter that you can then touch on to apply the Filter

After closing the Order Filtering Screen you will be returned to the Order History screen. The Filter Button will now indicate a filter is applied by showing a green tint to the button.


The bulk of the screen is for the actual list of Calls. 

Inzant Sales Allows for the customisation of the way Calls are displayed so you system make look different, however the operation of the screen is much the same.
  1. There is a header at the top of the List that displays the name of the columns of information in the call rows.
  2. All Calls are in a list of rows beneath the header
  3. The list is scrollable, using the swipe up and swipe down
To view the details of a Call in the List, there will normally be a blue Link field you can tap on, or an information Icon to touch. This is dependent on your system configuration.

To show Call details
  1. Touch the Blue link field
For more information on the Call Details Screen, please see the following guide

Context Menu

We have provided a Context Menu on the Calls History screen to allow you to quickly access some functions that are on the Call Detail screen.

To Access the Contact Menu
  1. Long Touch the order row until you get the selected feedback (haptic tap and sound)
  2. Release the long touch

This will display the order touched and the options available.
  1. Touch the option to perform the function

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