Order Modes - Replenishment Modes Explained

Order Modes - Replenishment Modes Explained

This article describes the different Replenishment order modes.

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Stock Count

Stock count modes allow you a view of only the products that a customer has previously ordered. It also allows you to setup a recommended stocking level, where you can simply count the stock and the App will automatically order the correct quantity. 

The Stock count mode can be used to automatically order items based on the difference between the Stock value entered and the Level value.
It may also be used like the Add Items modes where you just change the Ordered quantity directly.

It is important to note that this mode ONLY displays products the customer have previously ordered. Thus it is perfect for replenishment orders.

Tip: If you want to check items at a particular stand, you can use the category and filter selectors to narrow the product list down to just that range of products.

To change to Stock Count Mode you will need to have an order open.
  1. Touch 'View'

You will view this Order Mode Menu,
  1. Touch 'Stock Count'

Tip: These columns may look different depending on how your system is configured. Inzant allows for up to 8 historical measures to be configured depending on your system requirements. 

In Stock Count mode you also see recent ordering history. It is possible to change the way the order history is displayed.
  1. Touch into the 'Orders' selector to view or change the different History Types.
  2. You can view the Stock Count History for that retailer selected by Order, Weeks, Months or the last Invoices

The 'Level' shown is the amount of stock of that product the Retailer or the rep would like maintained.
The level is configurable and may be changed. If you set the level to 0, it will be removed from the list for later orders. 
  1. Touch into the field and the popup will appear.
  2. Change the value and touch Save.

Touch into the stock column and type the number of that product.
  1. Touch into the field and the popup will appear. 
  2. Change the value and touch Save.

You will notice the Ordered column will automatically change to suit the expected level. 
These fields are completely editable and if you wish you can change the quantity field directly
  1. Touch into the field and the popup will appear. 
  2. Change the value and touch Save.

To view full product information, you can touch the Information icon (or blue link field). This will display the Product Detail Screen.
If you long touch this zone or double tap a Product Details popover will display.
The Product Detail Popover allows you to:
  1. Add a Line Note to the order
  2. Delete / remove the product from the order
  3. Display the Product Details screen
  4. Display the Product Details screen with the Media tab selected
  5. Generate the Product Information sheet for the Product so it can be emailed to a customer
If you swipe left on the product row there will also be selections to Delete, add Line Notes and access to the Product Detail screen.

Stock Count - Uncounted Only

This mode operates almost the same as the normal Stock Count mode, however when stock is counted, or ordered the item is removed from the list.

This has the benefit that when completing a replenishment order, only the items you need to count are showing, so creating a ToDo list.

You will view this Order Mode Menu, 
  1. Touch 'View'
  1. Touch 'Stock Count - uncounted only'

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