Order Summary Screen Overview

Order Summary Screen Overview

This article outlines how to use the Order History screen to submit quotes, return orders, and place quotes.

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The Order Summary Screen can be access by 

  1. To get to the order summary screen from any uncompleted order, touch on 'Order Summary' on the ribbon at the bottom of the screen. 

If you have arrived at the Summary screen from the history screen and wish to edit an order, you will need to change the order to edit mode.

Tip: This is only allowed for orders that have not be processed.
  1. Touch the 'Edit Order' highlighted below.

To add a note to a line, see product details or delete a product touch on the line there are two options:
  1. slide the line to the left as indicated by the arrow in the below image.
  2. Double tap the Information Icon (or blue link field).
A single tap on the Information icon (or blue link field) will display the Product Details screen.

This function is available from all screens within Inzant Sales.

To add a note to an order line, see product details or delete a product touch on the field wanted highlighted below.
This note will only be related to the product on the order.

If you wish to edit quantities or pricing on the order
  1. Touch the relevant field and a popover will display, change the quantity and touch Save
  2. Use the + and - fields either side of the quantity or touch on the quantity to use the keypad.

Creating a PDF 

  1. To create a PDF to email or print touch 'Create PDF' in the top left hand corner. Touch here for more details on emailing or printing PDF's

Cloning an Order

  1. To Clone an order touch on the Clone Order in the upper left hand corner. 
An order can be cloned for the retailer after the original order has been placed or another retailer can be selected.
Here is the guide explaining 'Cloning an Order' in more detail. 

Order State and Date

The date the order will be processed is highlighted in the box below.
  1. To change the date touch in the date field and the a calendar will pop over to allow date selection.

Select the date from the Calendar you would like the order to process.
  1. Touch anywhere on the screen to close the calendar once the date has been selected.

To Change the status of the order
  1. Touch on the status field highlighted below.

The order status options are Draft, Quote, Quote with email, Pending, and submitted.

To add a customer signature
  1. Touch in the signature field highlighted below.

The signature pop over will appear
  1. Ask buyer to sign on the screen in this field.
  2. Touch on save when complete.

The buyers signature will be displayed on the summary screen once the signature has been saved.

To add a Purchase Order Number or an Order reference
  1. Touch in the Customer Ref field. 
The key board will pop up and allow you to type the information required.
This field is often used to add the buyers name in case the order is questioned

  1. To add a Note to the order touch on the notes field in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen. 
Tip: This note will go through with the order into the ERP/ Accounts or all suppliers with products on this order. If you are using multiple supplier mode ( pharmacy or brokerage model) be wary of this fact.

  1. Type the Order Note into the Note field, then touch the save. 

  1. If you would like to add a Journal entry touch 'Journal' in the bottom left of the screen.
The Journal entry will not be shown on the order, but in the Journal History. 

Price Check

You may complete a Price Check at any stage though out the order, or alternatively at the end of completing the order.
If you have any discretionary discounts set up for that product and quantity, the rule will be applied. 
  1. To view a Price Check on the ordered products, touch the 'Total' in the bottom right of the screen.
When the Order Summary window pop-up appears, touch 'Price Check'. If you no longer wish to conduct a price check, touch cancel. 

Finishing an Order

  1. To submit the order to the cloud for processing, touch 'Finish Order' in the top left of the screen.

You will now view a window popup touch 'Change to Submitted' to submit the order. 

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