Taking an Order from the Inzant Sales Plus App

Taking an Order from the Inzant Sales Plus App / iPad

This Article shows how to Take an Order from the Inzant Sales Plus App.

Open the Inzant Sales Plus App on your device, Tap the Retailer Icon highlighted to select the Retailer you would like to start an order for.

Select the “Retailer” in the list that you wish to create the Order for. 

To begin an interaction with the retailer select the 'interaction' Icon.

Choose an 'Interaction type' and press 'Done'.

Tap the 'New Order" button to start an order.

To see more comprehensive guides on using each order mode view our more targeted guides here;
  1. Add Items Mode 
  2. Campaign Order Mode
  3. Stockcount Order Mode

Select the Order Quantities for the desired items then Tap “Done”

When finished ordering, Tap the "Order Review" icon in the Top right of the screen.

Once on the Order Review screen, to complete the order, Tap the “Upload to Cloud” icon.

On this pop-up screen you can;
  1. Upload the order as a future dated order (or "indent" order) by tapping "Delayed" (and entering a future processing date)
  2. Submit the order as a quote by tapping "Quote"
  3. Submit the order as a normal Sales Order by tapping "Today" (which will be processed instantly)
  4. Capture a Customer Reference Number (not required)
  5. Capture a Customer Signature (not required)
When you've completed this process, tap the "Submit" button.

The Interactions screen, will the reappear displaying the completed “Sales Order” To Upload the Sales order select the “Complete and Upload" icon.

The order is now complete, to upload to the cloud tap on the 'Complete and Upload' button on the interaction.If you'd like to do additional orders, tasks or capture a journal entry whilst in the same call, feel free to complete all of those on the same interaction, and tap the 'Complete and Upload' at the end of the call.

The App will then begin to sync with the Cloud and upload the completed order

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