User Details - Reassigning System Owner

User Details - Reassigning System Owner

The User Details screen contains a “more options” drop-down menu which allows the current system owner user to reassign the System Owner property to a different user. The system owner will only be able to transfer this to other Admin or Dual Access user types, not device or ScanPack users.

The System owner is intended to be a constant administrative user in the Inzant Sales system, which will have a special role with full permissions for all modules.

To reassign a system owner in the Inzant Sales Admin interface, you’ll first need to be logged in as the current system owner – this link in the “more options” menu only appears to system owners. Once logged in, navigate to the User Details screen. You can do this by opening the User Search screen (the “Users” link in the Sidebar), then clicking the Edit icon in the User Search Table for the user you want to assign as the new system owner.

Once on the User Detail screen screen, hover over the “more options” drop-down menu, and click on the Assign System Owner option.

On Upon clicking this, you’ll see a popup message explaining that the following will occur if you proceed:;
  1. The specified user will become the new System Owner.
  2. The specified user will have the System Owner role applied – and have their permissions extended as such.
  3. Your user will have their role demoted to be the same as the specified user’s was previously (basically your users will swap roles).
  4. Your user will no longer be the system owner.
  5. You will be logged out after proceeding with the reassign.

After you login you’ll have the new permission levels. If the new system owner was logged in at the time of reassignment, please get the user to log out and back in again to receive the new permissions.

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