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            ANZ Secure Gateway - Renewing Access / Security Keys

            The security credentials that CyberSource will provide to enable the Inzant website to connect to your CyberSource account will expire after 12 months, meaning you'll need to login and create new versions every year. Luckily this is very simply and quick to do. CyberSource have provided detailed instructions, and we've included the below link which covers logging into your CyberSource account and creating the new Access & Security Keys.

            How do I Create or Update a Secure Acceptance security key?

            When logging into your CyberSource account make sure you are logging into the "Production" (Live) account, not your test account (you can tell the difference in the URL, the testing account will have "test" in the URL).

            Once you've successfully created the new Access and Security Keys (make sure to copy and paste them into notepad quickly, they only last 30 seconds on the screen in the creation section), you'll need to enter them into Inzant.

            To do this first login to your websites CMS, then navigate to the "Merchant Setting" section. Then scroll to the "ANZ Secure Gateway" option, and replace the existing Access and Security Keys with the newly created versions, then click Save.

            Now logout, create a cart on the website and proceed to the checkout the test the ANZ payment gateway option is still working as intended.

            If you have any issues throughout this process or require assistance from Inzant please don't hesitate to contact support and we'll be able to assist.
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