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            Cart Management Overview

            The Cart Management CMS screen allows for the CMS admin user to view and administer any open or locked carts in the website at any time, in particular highlighting transactions pending payment approval.

            An Active cart is a website cart that a user has begun, but not submitted (ie they are halfway through inputting an order). A Locked cart will occur when a user has completed the cart and begun the process of making payment for the cart, however for some reason the payment wasn’t completed properly.

            A cart is only ever locked under certain scenarios. Please note that similar cases exist for all payment gateway options;

            • Inzant does not receive feedback from the payment gateway regarding whether a payment has been successful;
              • When a user tries to pay using PayPal and successfully pays, but then closes the browser without returning to the website. The website has not received confirmation from PayPal that the payment was successful, so the cart remains locked until the admin user either unlocks it, deletes it, or confirms it as an Order.
            • The site is configured to lock carts in certain scenarios;
              • When the PayPal payment gateway is configured, PayPal will allow users to pay using eCheques. eCheques return Inzant with a “Pending” result rather than a successful payment result, and in the CMS carts submitted using this payment method can be automatically made into an order, or alternatively made to be locked pending administrator review.

            Via the Locked Carts list screen, a summary of all the existing carts can be seen. “Editing” a cart will navigate to the Cart Details screen, and allows the admin user to perform different actions based on whether it is active or locked. If a cart is Active an admin user may Delete the cart or Convert it to an Order. If a cart is Locked then the admin user may Unlock the cart, Delete the cart or Convert it to an Order.

            The workflow of all existing payment gateway options follow the same simple diagram below, all of which contain the potential for an inadequate response to be returned from the payment gateway and the cart to remain locked. When a cart is locked it will send a notification to the admin user (30 minutes after being locked) to alert of its existence, and it can then be managed in the CMS as required.

            Note: When an admin user confirms or deletes a cart the website user will have to close the browser to be able to continue ordering. This is due to a session needing to be recreated. When providing support to users please notify them to close and reopen the browser should a cart ever be deleted or converted to an order.

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