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            Changing MYOB Classic Company Files

            If you change the MYOB company data file you use then the EDI Client configuration will need to be updated to point at the new file. This is a simple task, you can do so yourself by following the below instructions.

            Start by opening the EDI Client, then clicking on the "Settings" icon in the top right of screen. Then click on the "Accounting Package" tab and you will be ready to swap the company file.

            If the configuration is "Standard" then you will be able to edit the company file from this screen, simply click the folder icon and select the new company file, and then click the save icon. You should now be ready to run a test sync. See further below for DSN connection type instructions.

            If you are using the connection type of "DSN" then you'll need to start by clicking the "Open" button.

            The DSN could be configured either in User or System DSN, it should be named "Inzant". Please check both tabs for the correct DSN. Once found, select it by clicking on it, then click "Configure".

            Now use the "Browse" button to select the correct company file path. Once you've selected the right file click OK to close this popup, OK again to close the next popup and then click the "Save" icon on the EDI Client. You should be ready to do a test sync.

            If you have any issues or require assistance please dont hesitate to contact Inzant support.

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