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            Configuring retailers for website access (from Web Client)

            After logging into the Inzant Sales Management Portal you'll need to navigate to the Retailer in question. This involves clicking the "Retailer" icon in the top menu, then opening the Retailer search page (by clicking the word "Retailer" in the small mid screen widget). After this you'll be able to either scroll down the list or search for the retailer by name or account number. Once you've found the right one simple double click on the row to open it full screen.

            Website Access is managed under the "Contact" Tab.

            After opening the "Contact" tab (see below screenshot displaying this tab) you'll need to select the Contact that either needs website access provided or modified. After selecting the right contact click on the third sub tab, the website access tab;
            • Email
              • This is a required field and must be filled in for the customer to have website access.
              • This must be a real email address - temporary passwords and other system emails will be sent to this email address.
            • Username
              • This is a required field and must be filled in for the customer to have website access.
              • Its usually best to either set this up as a standard field like account number or in consultation with the customer, either of these methods should provide an account number the customer will remember.
            • Has Website Access
              • This determines if the customer is allowed to login to the website, it must be checked to allow the customer to login.
              • Website access can be revoked at any time simply by opening this screen, unchecking this field and saving the customer (without any other loss of data, and access can be restored at any time).
            • Reset Password on Save
              • This field will prompt a new temporary password to be sent to the customer. Only check this field when you want a temporary password send, like when you first provide website access or if they forget their password.
              • After checking their field and saving the existing old password will no longer work.

            Website Contact Access Summary

            You can see a summary of who has website access and the status of their login ability at any time in the Retailer "Website" tab. The table should provide all the details you need to know at a glance, with the important information generally being the contacts name, configured username, email address and the status.

            If the status displaying is anything other than "Account Confirmed" then the customer has either never logged in, or never been given access to the website. The status should provide enough context as to the appropriate action to remedy this (ie "Reset Required" means reset the contacts password).

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