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            Configuring retailers for website access (from iPad)

            After opening the Inzant Sales Plus iPad app you'll need to navigate to the Retailer to provide website access. This involves;
            1. Tapping the "Retailer" icon in the top menu
            2. Then you'll be able to either scroll down the list, use the filters or search for the retailer by name or account number. Once you've found the retailer simply touch on the retailer details line to open the details page. 
            3. Select Contacts from the menu options. As each contact can have a unique login, select the contact you want from the list.
            4. To edit the Retailer tap on the pencil icon outlined in the image below

            1. If the contact you want to provide access for doesn't already exist, then tap on the Plus icon to add a new contact.

            1. Fill in all the following Fields at a minimum:
              1. Contact type
              2. Contact Name
              3. Email Address
            2. Extended contact information, Address and social media are optional fields. 

            1. Tap on the web icon and enable / complete the following fields;
              1. Has web access
              2. Username
              3. Reset password on save
            2. Now tap the sync icon in the top right of screen. 
            3. A password reset email will be sent to the email address add to the contact
            IMPORTANT NOTE: If you system is set to only save the retailer when you finish editing it (like the screenshot below), for the user to get emailed their new password you will need to navigate to the sync status screen and perform a quick manual sync - see a quick guide on this here.

            You can easily tell the difference, if when you edit a retailer and tap the "upload" button it does a quick sync, you are all done. If when you edit a retailer and tap the save button it doesn't do a quick sync, you need to go and do a manual sync.

            If contacts have been added previously only the password reset needs to be done. This can be done as often as needed.

            For retailers to set their own password you first must add their username, ensure they have an email address configured and enable website access.
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