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            Creating a Custom List in MYOB (V19 / Classic)

            For fields in Inzant like Product Categories or Sales Territories a free text field in the source data system (in this case MYOB) is not ideal - it tends to allow for typos to creep into the data over time. A dropdown selection which enforces consistency is a much better option for some fields. This guide will cover how you can setup a custom list in MYOB to start storing this information (which can then flow into Inzant).

            It's essential to note that Inzant are not MYOB professionals, we've simply done a large number of Inzant Sales implementations with MYOB users and have amassed some level of familiarity with the product over that time. This is designed to be a cut down step-by-step run through for Inzant users on MYOB. If you have any questions or aren't comfortable doing any of the following then please contact your MYOB professional consultant or MYOB themselves for assistance.

            To start with you'll need to name the custom field (so in future when you are adding/editing items you know what the field is for). Start by clicking "Lists" > "Custom List & Field Names" > "Items" or "Customers".

            This will open a dialogue box with 6 label options for you to edit. You can see below an example of how the fields can be arranged to store the information you require. Once you've got the Custom Lists named as per your requirements, click the OK button to save.

            Now you need to create all of the dropdown selection options for the custom list you've named. To do this click "Lists" > "Custom Lists" > "Items" or "Customers".

            This will open a dialogue popup box allowing you to add or edit existing custom list items. Using the "Custom List" dropdown select the name of the custom list you want to start adding options for. All existing options will display in the table, to edit an option click on it, then click the "Edit" button. To add an option click on the "New" button. Either of these actions will open a new popup.

            In the new popup window enter the name of the dropdown selection option you require, then click the "OK" button to save.

            Now when you open an Item or a Customer Card you should be able to select from the options you've configured for the dropdown list. You can technically add to the custom list "on the fly" from this screen when selecting an option, however this doesn't work in all scenarios - for instance imported data will not create dropdown options, they need to already exist.

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