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            Creating Hyperlinks

            There are two main areas within the CMS that hyperlinks can be created;
            • In a specific content zone provided by a widget.
            • In the CK Editor content entry zone.
            Both zones offer the same 3 basic link types, Internal URLs, External URLs and Mailto functionality.

            Specific Content Zone Links
            A good example of a specific content zone for links to be created is the Call to Action widget. In the text box labelled “Link” a URL can to be entered, and when the user clicks the button on the widget it will redirect the user to the specified URL. For all Specific Content Zone links there are three potential outcomes when configuring a URL;

            Full URL (External URL)
            Start the URL with Http – this will recognise the link as belonging to an external website and will attempt to send the user to the URL as entered – for instance;

            Relative URL (Internal Website)
            Start the URL with a Forward Slash – this will recognise the link as being part of the website and will direct the user to the specific page the path is directing them to. Examples of this would include;
            Note that for both points 1 and 2 there is the option to open the link in a new window or the same window. A general rule would be open internal links in the same window, and external links in a new window.

            MailTo (Launch an Email)
            Certain widgets – like Call to Action – support mailto links, meaning when a user clicks on a link instead of opening a new browser it prompts the local mail client to open an email. Inputting “mailto:”and then the desired recipient’s email address will perform this action, for instance;

            CK Editor Content Entry Zone Links
            To create a link in CK Editor highlight the desired text and then click the link button in the ribbon (chain icon). See the below link for a detailed guide on creating links, mailto’s and anchors within text, however the three most used functions are often;

            Internal Site links
            Ensure “Link Type” is set to URL, and “Protocol” is set to Other.Then either paste or type in the relative URL – for instance /contactus

            External Site Links
            Ensure the “Link Type” is set to URL and the “Protocol” is set to http://or https://. Then either paste or type in the complete URL – for instance

            Mailto (Launch an Email)
            Ensure the “Link Type” is set to Email and then prepopulate the email’s recipient, subject and body with the required information.
            Note that for points 1 and 2 there is the option to open links in another window rather than the same window. Click on the second tab“Target”, and set it to “New Window” for this to occur.

            For a detailed guide on creating links using CK Editor please click here.
            Updated: 07 Mar 2016 07:08 AM
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