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            Creating Mobile Home Screen Icons for your website

            A Mobile home screen icon is the icon that gets used on the device when someone saves your website to their home screen. It's designed to allow your website to look more like an app on their device, furthering your brand recognition with the user.

            To do this in Inzant Sales, you need to make 4 different images, each with a certain size and each with a specific name;
            1. apple-icon-57x57  --  Must be 57 pixels x 57 pixels. 
            1. apple-icon-72x72  --  Must be 72 pixels x 72 pixels.
            1. apple-icon-114x114  --  Must be 72 pixels x 72 pixels.
            1. apple-icon-144x144  --  Must be 72 pixels x 72 pixels.
            ALL files must be in PNG format, and must be named exactly as above (including the hyphens).

            These images are typically variations on your company logo - much like an app icon would be. As app icons are normally pretty small, if you've got a logo that isn't a circle or square then you might consider using only part of the logo that does nicely fit into a square, and is still easily recognisable when its very small.

            Once you have finished the images you should upload them into the Inzant Sales CMS File Library. You can do this by following the below steps.

            Login to the CMS, and open the "File Library" page.

            Click the "ADD" button to upload the new file.

            Click the "Choose File" button

            Use the file selector to open the image.

            Click the "Save" button in the top right corner of the screen.

            Repeat this process until all 4 images are now in the file library. You can check to make sure they are all there by doing a search on "apple-icon".

            To review the images open your website on a mobile device (phone or tablet) and save the website to your home screen. When looking at the website from the home screen it should appear with the new image.

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