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            Downloading Inzant Sales Plus and Linking to your subscription

            To link your subscription you will need your Username, Password and Subscriber code this can be obtained from your office management staff or from the Inzant support team. 

            Go to the app store and search "Inzant" 

            Download the "Inzant Sales Plus" App by touching the "get" button (on your iPad rather than "open" the button will say "Get") you will be asked to put in your apple ID password or fingerprint scan. Inzant does not store your apple ID password. After you have touched downloaded the app it will appear on your home screen with any other apps you have. 

            Once you have downloaded the app open it up. When you open the app it will automatically sync this is done to gather all of the data for the Inzant Demo system. Once the sync is complete you will see this screen notice you are on the Inzant Demo System, to connect to your system touch the "Sync status" item in the menu. 

            You will now see the "Sync Status" screen touch "link iPad to subscriber" 

            This screen will pop up, please input your username, subscriber code and password. You can get this information from your office staff or the Inzant support team. once you have done this touch "Join" the iPad will now sync all of your data once the sync is complete you will be able to use the system. 
            If you have any issue completing this step contact your office staff or the support team to confirm your log in details are correct the password IS case sensitive. 

            Updated: 22 Apr 2018 01:48 PM
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