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            Exporting Data from MYOB (AccountRight V20 / Live)

            Doing MYOB Data Exports is fairly straightforward, there is a wizard tool in MYOB that helps walk you through the process. This guide will detail the process for doing a customer card export, however doing a an Item export is an almost identical process. Inzant will typically request your data export files when doing a system load where MYOB AccountRight integration is required.

            Step 1

            Click on the "File" menu option, and select "Import/Export Assistant" option.

            Step 2

            Select the "Export data" option, click "Next".

            Step 3

            Select "Cards" or "Items". If Cards also select "Customer Cards" from the second dropdown list. Click Next.

            Step 4

            Select "Tabs", and ensure "Include field headers in the file" is checked. Click Next.

            Step 5

            Click "Add All >>" button to add all fields to the export file, then click "Export".

            Step 6

            Save the file to your local computer.

            Step 7

            Ensure to repeat the process so you have both an Item and Customer Card export file, then send to Inzant so they can review.

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