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            Using the Management Portal with MAC OSX - resolving Silverlight issues.

            We have found with later versions of Mac OSX the Safari web browser appears to have resource issues when using the Inzant Sales Admin website. We have not been able to resolve this issue so have looked for a work around until the new admin website is released, later this year.

            In the interim we are recommending installing the Firefox ESR browser. This browser is customised to provide support for technologies like the Silverlight plugin.

            The following instructions walk you through the process of installing and configuring the browser for use with Inzant Sales. If you require additional assistance please contact support using the normal channels.

            • Download Firefox ESR using the link below.

            • Open the file once downloaded, you can open it by double clicking.

            • Install Firefox by dragging the Firefox icon to the application icon

            • Start Firefox from Launchpad

            • Confirm its OK to open Firefox

            • Import Bookmarks from Safari if you had Inzant Sales bookmarked.

            • You can choose to make Firefox your default browser. If you do not want Firefox to be your default browser, uncheck the checkbox and click Not Now.

            • Skip the Firefox Sync Sign in.

            • Select Firefox Preferences from the menu 

            • Click on Advanced in the sidebar 
            • Select the Update Tab
            • Change to the "Never check for updates option"

            • Turn on the Bookmarks bar if you wish

            • If Microsoft Silverlight has already been installed move to the next step. If not then Navigate to the Microsoft Silverlight Website and install Silverlight using all the standard default settings prior to the next step.

            • Select Add-ons from the Firefox menu under the Tools

            • Change the Silverlight Plug-in setting to be Always Activate 

            • Shutdown Firefox from the Firefox menu by clicking on Quit Firefox

            You should now be able to start Firefox and open the Inzant Sales Admin website. You can also set Firefox to retain in the dock and any other settings you desire.
            The operation of the Admin website using Firefox is the same as with Safari.

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