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            How to sync orders when the iPad has been running offline

            If you normally operate your iPad in an offline manner (i.e. you don't use a sim card with mobile data) OR if you've experienced some internet connectivity issue, then you'll have some orders sitting on the device that need to be synced with the cloud.

            Once you have confirmed internet access is available, you can easily sync these orders off by tapping the "Information" icon in the top left corner of your Inzant Sales app, and then tap on the "Sync Status" tab. Now you should tap the Sync icon in the top right corner of the screen.

            Once the sync is complete, if should change the "Last Synchronisation Status" from Failed to Success, and you should no longer see any "New orders to upload" or "New retailers to upload".

            Please see below a screenshot with these buttons and zones highlighted in yellow. If you continue to experience sync issues please contact Inzant support for further assistance.

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