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            Initialising & Resyncing the Inzant Sales Plus app

            If you need to reload your Inzant Sales app the process is quite straight forward. Please be mindful that performing the below process will erase ALL information within Inzant Sales on the device, so please check and make sure all incomplete orders or quotes are saved and submitted before proceeding. Usually you will only need to do this process on Inzant Support staff instruction.

            1. Open the Inzant Sales app & navigate to the Sync status page by tapping it in the Information menu. Tap the initialise database button. 

            2. A pop up will ask you if you would like to initialise the database, please tap "initialise" 

            3. This will launch a confirmation popup, tap "OK" to proceed. Now you will need to start syncing the data back onto the device. To do this tap the "sync" icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will launch the normal "Syncing" popup, and will start downloading your products, customers & order history.

            Note that this could be a long sync, so please ensure your device is on Wi-Fi and is charging (to preserve battery life and your data plan).

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