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            Installing the latest Inzant EDI Client

            The Inzant EDI client is used to interface ERP and Accounts systems such as MYOB with the Inzant system.

            Depending on the configuration of your system and the functionality required to support your operations, each system will require differing configuration settings and we would advise speaking to the Inzant provisioning team to assist with this. 

            If you currently have an old version of the EDI Client installed it should be removed using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Please note this does not remove the application configuration settings so they will be available to the newly installed version.

            To install the latest version of the EDI Client. please fololw the following steps:
            1. Download the attached Zip File, Inzant Sales EDI Client 4_9_8
            2. Unzip the file to a suitable location.
            3. Uninstall any existing versions of the EDI Client Application using "Programs and Features" or "Add/Remove Programs" in Control Panel depending on your Operating System version. Please note the current configuration will not be removed and will be available to the newly installed version.
            4. Run the installer application.
              • If installing on a Terminal Server, please install using Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel as per normal.
              • If installing as a stand alone application, just double click the "Inzant Sales EDI Client 4_9_8 Setup.exe" installer.
            5. Please note, a warning will be generated if a prior version exists.
            6. Click "Next" to begin the installation process.
            7. Click "Install" to accept the default settings. (you may need to accept a security warning depending on your Operating System configuration).
            8. The Installer will advise when complete.
            9. The installer will create a desktop Icon for the EDI Client application and will also insert an entry in the "All Apps" folder in the Start menu under Inzant Sales.
            10. The application can now be started by double clicking the desktop icon.
            11. If upgrading the application will start with the old configuration however if this is a fresh install the Application will require configuration.
            12. Please contact Inzant to discuss the required configuration and any security tweaks required fro MYOB and the EDI Client application. 
            If the interface required is Reckon One an additional installer is required. This is a once only install process so if upgrading no additional process is required however if this is a fresh install, please contact Inzant support for the latest version of the installer. 

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            Updated: 15 Feb 2018 01:42 PM
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