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            Inzant "Product Full Export" Excel Bulk Edit Process

            If you have the "Product Full Export" data export/import process enabled on your system (you can check this by getting in touch with Inzant support), then you will be able to export your entire product data into an Excel file, perform as many edits as required and then reimport the data back into Inzant. 

            There is a significant time saving involved with this process, particularly if you need to make a lot of product supplier modifications (which can be time consuming to do using the web client).

            To begin with login to the Inzant Sales Web Client, and navigate to the "Reports" section. Once open, expand the "Export Reports" folder, and select either the "Product Full Report (All Products)" or "Product Full Export (Active Products)" report (depending on whether you want to edit all items or only active items). You have the option of filtering the report by a product category using the "category" selection control, or getting all items by leaving this blank. When ready to run the report, click the "XLS" button in the top right of the reporting window.

            This will download the excel file. Once downloaded you will be able to open and commence making edits to the file. At this stage its good to save a copy of the unedited Excel product file to give you a nice "backup" of the previous configuration - this is highly advised.

            Very Important Note;
            • Whilst making your bulk edits, DO NOT edit the column set of the excel file - this could cause issues with the import process.
            • If you cannot complete all edits in one session, ensure you save and reopen the file in Excel format to preserve the format of the data.
            Upon the edits being complete, you will need to save the excel file as a CSV file (comma delimited). 

            When you have the new CSV version of the file, please follow the below steps to import the data;
            1. Ensure the name of the CSV file matches system import name requirement (contact Inzant support to determine what the name should be for your system).
            2. Create New Email
            3. Attach CSV import file to the email
            4. Address the email to the system import email address (contact Inzant support to determine what the email address should be for your system).
            5. Ensure the email has a subject line ("product import" or something of this nature would make sense).
            6. Send email.

            Important Notes;
            • The system will only be configured to import data received from certain email address'. If your email is not on the approved list contact Inzant support to get it added.
            • The import will take anywhere from 1 minute to an hour depending on the size & complexity of the data import. On completion the import process will send a confirmation email to the configured email address. If you do not receive a confirmation email after sending an import in then contact Inzant support to ensure there were no issues with your data.
            • If you find your import has caused major data issues then you have several options;
              • You can undo the modifications by saving a CSV version of the backup you saved earlier and reimporting that, or
              • Get in touch with Inzant and ask for assistance restoring your previous data.

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