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            Linking Inzant Sales Plus to an additional Subscriber (Company)

            If you need to have more than one company on your Inzant Sales Plus app, you'll need to enable the "Multiple Subscribers" setting before you'll be able to link to the additional systems. You can easily do this by;

            Opening the Settings application.

            Scroll down to the "Inzant Sales Plus" app in the left sidebar, and tap it. Now on the right side of the screen, tap the option for "Multiple Subscribers" to turn it on.

            Once this setting is on, reopen the Inzant Sales Plus app. To make the "Multiple Subscriber" option appear, tap on the "Retailers" button, and then tap on the "Information" button again.

            Now tap on the "Subscribers" tab.
            To ensure the new subscriber (company)  data will automatically sync every day, tap on "Sync on Startup" to enable this setting. To connect to the new subscriber (company), tap on "Select".

            This will drop you onto a separate (and blank) subscriber. Now open the Sync Status screen, and tap "Link iPad to Subscriber".

            This will open the login form. Use your system login credentials to connect to the new subscriber. if you do not know your login credentials please contact your head office and they will be able to assist. You will need to know your Username, Subscriber code and password. If you are unaware of your password, there is a link on the form to do a password reset (however you need to know your username to successfully complete this process).

            Once the device is connected and finished syncing you are all set to start selling on both systems. To navigate between each company you'll need to return to the "Subscribers" screen, and tap the "Select" button next to each subscriber (company) name.

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