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            Navigating the Admin System - The Sidebar Menu

            The sidebar in the Inzant Sales Admin user interface is the main navigation method – it allows you to quickly swap between the various screens. The sidebar will always be located in the far left zone of your screen.

            The Sidebar will contain various links to the different screens, or groups of screens, in the admin site. Where a link in the menu has multiple options, an arrow will be pointing to the right in the menu. Clicking on a menu item with sub-menu options will expand and show the available options, from there you can click on the sub-menu item and you will be redirected to that screen.
            Clicking on a menu item without sub-menu options will redirect you to that screen.

            The Sidebar allows you to collapse it. This allows what you are viewing in the main section of the screen to have a bit more width, so can be useful when viewing large tables of information or large blocks of text. You can collapse the sidebar by clicking the modified hamburger symbol in the top right section of the sidebar – next to the Inzant logo. You can click this again whilst in collapsed mode to expand the sidebar.
            When hovering over a menu item with sub-menu options a popup with the options will display.

            The entire user interface functions just as well on responsive mobile or tablet screen sizes as it does on a desktop.
            The sidebar works in a very similar fashion whilst in responsive mode. By default it is hidden (to maximise screen space on the main page content). To display the sidebar tap the modified hamburger icon in the top bar (icon closest to the Inzant logo).

            Once the Sidebar is open it works exactly the same as it would whilst in desktop mode;
            • Tapping options without sub-menu links will redirect you to that screen,
            • Tapping options with sub-menu links will expand to show sub-menu options, which can then be tapped.
            To close the sidebar you’ll need to tap the cross icon in the top right corner of the sidebar section.

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