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            Navigating the Admin System - The Top Menu bar

            The top menu bar in the Inzant Sales Admin user interface allows for both quick navigation links as well as providing administrative functions. The top menu bar will always be located along the top of your screen, and on pages that require scrolling to view all content the top menu will be docked at the top of the page, meaning the links are always usable.

            The top bar contains 4 main sections;
            1. Actions
            2. Apps
            3. System Name
            4. Account Dropdown


            The Actions link will open a dropdown menu (when clicked) containing direct links to the “Add” pages in Inzant Sales for various entities – Products, Retailers, Users etc. This menu allows you to bypass various clicks and page loads and jump directly into adding a new record.


            The Apps link will open a dropdown menu (when clicked) containing direct links to either complementary applications or other system modules;
            • Website CMS – this link will take you directly to the login page for your Inzant Website CMS.
            • File Uploader – this link will open a new tab with the Inzant File Uploader running.
            • Business intelligence reporting – this link will open a new tab with the Microsoft Power BI login page.
            • Support – this link will open a new tab with the Inzant Sales Help Centre.

            System Name

            The System name section displays the configured system name (configured on the Company screen). This is a display only section and is not interactive.

            Account Dropdown

            The Account dropdown is opened by clicking on the user icon. Once open the account dropdown will display the current users name, email address, a link to their user details screen, a link to the support help centre and the logout button.

            Top menu bar in Responsive (Mobile) Mode

            The entire user interface functions just as well on responsive mobile or tablet screen sizes as it does on a desktop.
            Whilst in responsive mode the top menu is split into two sections, each raised via tapping a different button.
            The Actions and Apps menu options are opened by tapping the standard hamburger icon in the top menu section (middle icon).

            Both Actions and Apps will appear as a single menu (very similar to the sidebar menu), which straightforward tapping navigation to expand and close sections.

            The System Name and Account Dropdown section is opened by tapping the “More” icon (three dots – rightmost icon in the top menu section). This will open a small secondary bar, with the system name and user icon displaying in a similar format to desktop mode. Tapping the user icon brings up the same menu as in desktop mode.
            Navigating the Admin Interface – The Top Menu
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