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            Contact Management

            Website Passwords and Retailer Contact Information is now all managed under the "Contact" Tab.

            The Current Contact stored in Inzant will be made by default the Primary contact for the Retailer.

            Under the
            Information tab, all the Contact information will be available, as well as additional fields. From here the Contact can be ticked to receive marketing emails and calls and store social media links. 

            Under the Address tab, the Contact's Address information will be stored.

            Under the Website Access tab, the Contact can be given access to order from the Inzant E-Commerce Website.  To provide website access a User Name is required as well as checking the boxes "Has Web Access" and "Reset Password on Save" selected.  

            Hit the Save icon to store any changes.

            Adding a New Contact for a Retailer.
            • To Add a new Contact select the Add icon.
            • Select the Contact Type and fill out the additional fields on the Information Tab
            • Then select the Address field and complete.
            • To give the Contact Website Ordering Access select the Website Access Tab, and complete the fields.
            • Save all changes

            Under the Web Site tab you can see which contacts have website access at any time, in the Status column.

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