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            Opening Internet Explorer on Windows 10

            In recent updates of Windows 10 Internet Explorer has become a bit harder to find. Here's a really simple trick to easily find it, and then pin it to your taskbar so its easily on hand.

            • Open the Microsoft Edge browser.

            • Open any website you'd like, or simply go to 
            • Once on a website, now click on the ... icon in the top right of the browser, and click on the "Open in Internet Explorer" option. 
              • This option will be grey and inactive if you haven't opened a real website, if you are seeing this then open in the browser first, then try again.

            • Once Internet Explorer is open, right click on the IE icon in the taskbar and click "Pin to taskbar". This will then permanently keep the IE icon in the taskbar for you, making it much quicker to open IE next time.

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