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            Quick Guide - Resubmitting a Purchase Order

            When a Purchase Order in Inzant Sales goes into the "OnHold" state it will require manual intervention to progress. This means you will need to login to the Inzant Sales Web Client, find the order and manually submit it again. 
            • If your Purchase Orders are normally emailed to you this process should resend the email containing the Purchase Order. 
            • If your Purchase Orders are normally automatically imported into your Accounts/ERP system resubmitting the order should attempt to reinsert the order into your ERP/Accounts system.
            • If your Purchase Orders are normally synced into your accounts package via the EDI Client this process will make the purchase orders ready to sync using the EDI Client.
            Please see a detailed step by step quick guide on this process in the attached PDF. If after completing the steps in the PDF your order is still "OnHold" then please get in touch with Inzant Support and we will assist.
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