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            Password Reset - Mobile Sales Users

            Please note: this process will only work if your currently configured username is a valid email address - and is one that you have access to. If you username is not a valid email address or you dont' have access to it then talk to your Inzant Sales admin about changing it for you before doing this process.

            The Inzant Sales Plus Sync Status screen contains a “Reset Password” option which can be used to help a mobile sales user reset their password if they are unable to remember it.

            This will redirect you to the standard Inzant Admin site login form. This form allows you to reset your password provided you know your username. The reset password option only displays after entering a valid system username. Enter your username here, and when the "Reset password" option displays, tap or click on it.

            Clicking on the reset password link will open a popup window which will display the email address the reset code will be sent to, with an option to proceed or cancel.

            If you click OK, the system will then send an email to the your email (username) containing a link to the password reset screen in Inzant, in addition to a 6 digit code which you will need to enter to successfully reset the password.

            You will also need to enter a new password, and confirm the new password. The password field will display "Poor" through to "Excellent" depending on the strength of the password you've chosen. You need to get a minimum of "Acceptable" for the password to save. To achieve this you should include a variety of character types (upper & lower case letters, numbers, symbols), and avoid sequential or repeating characters (i.e. 1234 or abcd).

            Once the three form fields are complete click on the “Save New Password” button. Provided the code is still active and the passwords both match & are secure enough you will be redirected to the login page. You will now be able to login to the Inzant Sales Plus app with your newly created password.

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