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            Pending (Forward Dated) Order Management

            The Inzant Sales Plus app allows mobile sales users to completely manage both their quotes and forward dated (Pending) orders. This guide covers the management of forward dated orders.

            To reopen a pending order you must first navigate to the Retailer whom the order was placed on. Once found, tap on the “Orders” tab to open the previous order screen.

            From this list screen you may be able to find the Pending order in the list, however if not then you can easily filter the list to only display pending orders using the Filters above the table.

            To edit any component of the pending order you can tap the “Edit” button in the table. This will open the Order Review summary screen for the pending order.

            Once in the Order Review summary screen, to put the Pending order into edit mode tap on the Pencil icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will allow you to perform all the normal functions of an order. When you are finished, tap the Upload to Cloud icon in the top right of the screen (it will replace the pencil icon).

            After selecting the required order date (and optionally capturing a signature and purchase order #) you can submit the order again by tapping the Submit button.

            After the Order is submitted you will be dropped back onto the Retailer screen with an Interaction opened, ready to complete. Tap the Complete and Upload button now to complete the Pending Order modification.

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