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            Product "Price Match" Discounting on the mobile sales app

            Inzant can enable a setting to allow mobile sales users on the iPad to modify the price of items during the order process. Please note that this setting is not enabled by default, you should contact Inzant support if you would like it enabled.

            This functionality first requires a product to be ordered before the price can be modified. To edit the price, tap the price box in the "W/Sale" column. This will open a small popup box (similar to the ordering box). 

            Once this is open, you can clear the existing price by tapping the "C" button. Then you can enter the new price using the number keys (decimal field is just below them), and when you have completed the new price tap the "Done" button.

            Its important to note that this is the Unit price of the item, not the line total.

            Next time you open this window when you are ordering this item for this customer, you'll see what the "Last Order" price was, in comparison to the base wholesale price. This enables you to at a glance ensure you are not regularly over discounting this item (useful context when you are considering reducing the price of the item on a new order).

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