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            Quick Guide - Adding a Product Image

            There are a couple of ways a product can be linked to an image, this article will be covering manually opening the product details screen and selecting or uploading a single image.

            Firstly you'll need to be logged into the Inzant Sales management / admin portal. Once logged in proceed to open the product search screen (by clicking the products icon in the top menu, then by clicking the top zone of the product preview widget).
            Login to the admin system & open the product search page.

            Now you'll need to find the product you want to upload an image for. You can do this by doing a search for the product, then once found double clicking on the product row in the results table.
            Find the relevant product and open the product details screen.

            Now navigate to the product's Media tab. The product will support up to 5 images being linked, and each product will have a number of icons next to the filename;
            • Polaroid icon - this will launch a new window with the linked image, allowing you to see exactly what the currently linked image looks like.
            • Folder icon - this will launch the file select / upload window, allowing you to select a different file to link to the item.
            • Trash icon - this will unlink the current image from the product.
            In this instance, you will want to click the folder icon.

            Now the file selection window is open you can do a search for the image filename using the search box, or use the folder structure to narrow the currently viewed results. You can also use the polaroid with the plus icon to upload a new image from your local machine.

            Once you've found the right image simply click the checkbox (so it becomes ticked) and then click the save icon.
            Either select an existing image or upload a new one, then click save.

            After this the product detail screen should now show the relevant image filename in the Image filename section. You can determine if the image in question should appear on the website, the iPad, both or none by checking or unchecking the boxes to the right of the image filename. Once your desired configuration is achieved, click the save icon.

            The image will now be available immediately on the website, and will be available immediately to sync down to the iPads.
            Determine where you want the image to display, then save the product.

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