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            Quick Guide - Retailer Merge

            If you find that for some reason you have a customer duplicated in Inzant - no problem! We have a simple solution for this scenario called Retailer Merge. This process will allow you to merge the retailers order history and contacts onto one of the retailers, and automatically void the other.
            You can find the Retailer Merge screen in the Utilities section of the Admin site (see below).

            Important Considerations Before Merging
            1. The merging screen doesn't provide minute detail about each retailer, so to easily distinguish between the one to keep, and the one to merge we recommend changing the name of the Retailer to merge before starting (a full stop, or "- merged" at the end work nicely). Note that if the duplicate Retailer is inactive, you will have to reactivate it before you'll be able to edit the name.
            2. Consider picking the Retailer to keep carefully. If your Inzant system is integrated with an ERP / Accounts system, make sure to pick the Retailer that is linked to that external system. If not, then consider keeping the Retailer with the most complete information (contacts, addresses etc.).

            Once you are comfortable with the retailer information and you'd like to proceed with the merge, open the Retailer merge screen. In the "Retailer to Keep" text box, type the name of the retailer to keep, and then select them from the dropdown list. This will then populate their information in the boxes below.
            Do the same with the Retailer to merge.

            Click on the Retailer Merge button (arrow icon - see below). This will complete the merge operation and close this screen. The kept retailer should now contain all the history and contacts from both retailers, and the "merged" retailer should now be inactive.

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