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            Role Details - Editing a Role

            To edit a role in the Inzant Sales Admin interface you’ll first need to navigate to the Role Details Screen. You can do this by Opening the Role Search screen (via the configuration screen, which is located in the sidebar menu), then clicking the Edit icon in the Role Search Table (Actions Column) for the role you want to modify.


            Once on the Role Details screen you can edit either the Role Name, or the Permissions level of a module. The Role name is a text entry field and supports common alphanumeric & symbol characters.

            The Permission level dropdowns allow the following options to be selected;

            No Access
            This level restricts all access to the module within the admin interface. No visibility of the search or detail pages exist for the user.

            Read Only
            This level restricts access to the module within the admin interface to view only access. The user will be able to view the search and detail screen, but not add, edit or deactivate any records.

            Read & Write
            This Level enables full access to the module within the admin interface, the user can add, edit and deactivate records.

            After editing the role the Action buttons in the top right of screen will change to “Save” and “Cancel”. If you don’t want to commit the changes then click Cancel, however if you’d like to save the changes to the role then click “Save”. This will commit (save) the change and return you to the Role Search screen.

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