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            Role Details - Overview

            The Role Details screen allows you to manage the permission levels for the modules throughout Inzant Sales for the role. This then affects all users assigned to that particular role, and either grants or restricts their access accordingly.

            Clicking the Edit button on the Role Search screen will open the Role Details screen for that Role. The Role Details screen contains the below sections;

            Role Name

            The Role name field is the display field for the role on the Role Search, Role Details and User Details screen, and as such the Role Name should convey the purpose of the role at a glance. This is a text entry zone and supports a fairly long names.

            Role Permissions Groups & Drop-downs

            The Role Permissions section will have the various permissions drop-downs separated into logical groups of modules. Each of the permission drop-downs supports the below permission levels;

            No Access
            This level restricts all access to the module within the admin interface. No visibility of the search or detail pages exist for the user.

            Read Only
            This level restricts access to the module within the admin interface to view only access. The user will be able to view the search and detail screen, but no add, edit or deactivate any records.

            Read & Write
            This Level enables full access to the module within the admin interface, the user can add, edit and deactivate records.

            Action Buttons

            The Action button zone will display buttons that are dependent on whether or not the role has been edited. If the role hasn’t been modified then “Deactivate” and “Close” action buttons will appear, however upon an edit being made to the role (either the name or a permission level) then the action buttons will change to “Save” & “Cancel”.

            Role Search in Responsive (Mobile) Mode

            The Role Detail screen functions just as well on responsive mobile or tablet screen sizes as it does on a desktop. All buttons and navigation flows are exactly the same as in desktop display, with the only omission being the breadcrumbs.

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