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            Sales Order Confirmation Configuration

            When an order is placed via Inzant there is the ability for a Sales order confirmation email to be sent to the Retailer, Sales Rep, both or no-one. By default your Inzant system will be set to not send these sales order confirmations, however you can easily turn them on if you wish.

            To enable the confirmations, navigate to the Company screen in Inzant by clicking on the "Settings" menu icon, and then click on "Company" in the widget's list.

            Once you have the company screen open click on the "Email" tab under the company details section (second tab in the group). Here you will have the option of having order confirmations generated for iPad and Office orders, as well as website orders. These allow different confirmation as you may want a rep notified of a website order but not an iPad order (as they know, they placed it), or vice versa. After you've setup the ideal combinations then click the save button in the top right of screen.

            Top Tips;
            1. If you would like the email notifications going to more people internally than just the rep, you can add additional emails into the users email address (on the user screen), separated by a semi colon ";". If you would like the additional email recipients BCC'd, then include a pipe symbol "|" (location just above the enter key, straight line symbol), before the first BCC recipient, then separate further emails by a semi colon.
            2. If you would like the sales order confirmation format changed from the PDF attachment to an email body variety this is available, just get in touch with Inzant.
            3. If you would like the contents of the sales order confirmation PDF changes (ie personalised further, less / more columns etc.) then get in touch with Inzant, this can be arranged.

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