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            Sending Bulk Website Login Invite to Contacts

            Inzant has the facility to send a bulk mail-out to the eligible Retailer Contacts in your Inzant system, welcoming them to start using your new Inzant website.

            Ask Inzant today about configuring this on your system, the text in the template email can be customised to your specification.

            Once the facility is setup, you can send out bulk email invites as often as you'd like via the Scheduled task screen.

            Bear in mind that invites will only be emailed to "eligible" retailer contacts, this means;
            1. The retailer is active
            2. The contact is active
            3. The contact has a valid email address setup
            4. The contact has "Website Enabled" checked on
            5. The contact has a "Username" configured
            Provided a contact meets these requirements then they will be included in the bulk invite. Customers that respond to this and setup their online account- or had already setup an account - will not be included in the bulk invite (as there is no need to invite them, they are already using the service). On this point, please be mindful that if you need to reset a customers password or do any contact specific website access edits, do it from the contact screen, not here.

            The temporary passwords generated & sent on the invites will last 48 hours, so if a customer tries to login with the temporary password after that expiry period then it will not work. It may be advisable when you are first releasing the website to send the bulk mail-out every few days for the first week or two to ensure if anyone does respond to the email they don't have any issue setting up their online account.

            Sending the email requires a "Scheduled Task" to be prompted. You can do this by navigating to the Company Screen (clicking on "Settings" in header, then "Company" option in widget).

            Once on the Company screen click on the "Scheduled Tasks" tab, then click on the Play/Run icon on the "Send Bulk Website Invite" task.

            The task will take a bit of time to run depending on the number of eligible contacts in your system so please allow some time for this to occur.
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