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            Setting up the Socket Mobile CHS 7Xi Scanner

            The Socket Mobile scanners are normally delivered in HID Mode. To use these scanners with Inzant Sales the scanner needs to be changed to iOS Mode.

            Changing the scanner mode is accomplished by scanning the following barcode.
            1. Scanning this barcode, the scanner should sound 3 short tones, this indicates the mode was set correctly.

            The Inzant Sales App also requires barcode information to be sent in a certain way.
            1. To change the barcode sending format scan the following barcode.

            The barcode scanner should now be ready to connect to Inzant Sales.

            The scanner needs to be connected to the iOS device first.

            This is accomplished by the following steps.
            1. Start the iOS device Settings App.
            2. Touch on Bluetooth in the Settings list.
            3. Turn on Bluetooth if it is not already on.
            4. Once the 7Xi device is found it will appear in the list of devices. (the serial number of the device is included in the list should you have troubles identifying an individual device).
            5. Tap on the device, after a few seconds the "Not Paired" status will change to Connected.
            Now the barcode scanner is connected we can configure Inzant Sales.
            1. Open the Inzant Sales Plus app.
            2. Touch on Sync Status
            3. Touch on Setup Barcode Scanner
            4. Change the selection to SocketCHS
            5. If you will only be scanning 1D barcodes the setup is complete and you can touch on Save
            6. If you will be scanning 2D barcodes you will need an example barcode and can follow the Field Mappings instructions in the following document. Setup Retailer Barcode Linking however you can just scan the barcode with your Socket Mobile scanner,
            7. Its a good idea to restart the App at this point by touching the Shutdown App link on the Sync Status screen and re-open the App. 

            The device should now be ready to go.

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            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 12:20 PM
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