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            Shutting down Apps running in the background

            If you are noticing your iPad starting to run very slowly and Inzant starting to crash then your iPad may have all its resources being used by other applications running in the background. We'd recommend periodically closing all apps running in the background down so ensure the device has plenty of resources to run Inzant Sales. This will also help improve the battery life and reduce consumption of mobile data.

            You can do this by;

            1. Double clicking the home button to bring up the "fast app switcher".
            2. Navigate to the app screen you want to quit (in this case we are recommending everything except Inzant Sales).
            3. Swipe up on the app "card" you wish to shut down by flicking it up off the screen.

            That should be all thats required. If after shutting down apps running in the background you notice the iPad is still experiencing issues you may want to consider rebooting the iPad, see another guide on this here.

            Shutting down background apps

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