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            Subscription - Increasing your Licenses

            You can increase your license count using the Subscription screen in the Inzant Sales Admin interface. You can reach the Subscription page via the Configuration page, located in the Sidebar menu. 

            Once on the Subscription screen, click on the Manage button for the user type license you’d like to increase, which will open the license modification popup.

            The User license popup shows the currently being used licenses (“Active License Count”), the Currently Enabled License count (“Current License Count”), as well as a form element for the new license count. To increase the license count, click the plus icon until the “New User Count” matches the number of total licenses you need. For example, if you need 1 additional user, click the plus icon once.

            You will be shown a message detailing what will happen next, which is:
            • The overall available license count will be increased.
            • The subscription cost will be invoiced immediately for the remainder of the month (at a pro rata rate).
            • Ongoing subscription costs will be at the new license level.
            • Proceeding to increase the levels is acceptance of Inzant’s terms & conditions.
            Once you click proceed, the system will commit the changes and return you to the subscription page.

            Some Important Notes about Subscription Changes
            • When increasing your license count your subscription will be invoiced & billed immediately (at a pro rata rate based on your monthly anniversary billing date).
            • To modify the subscription levels your user will require a role with “Read & Write” permission levels for the subscription module.
            • Website and EDI Hub Add-ons don’t allow management at this time. If you’d like to enable, disable or upgrade these add-ons, please contact Inzant Support for assistance.

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