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            Taking an order with Product Variations

            Inzant has modified the product Master / Variation display on the iPad to automatically group all variation items under the Master product. This helps keep the ordering process quick & simple by enabling all variants of a single master product to be ordered in a single location.

            Product Filter Screen

            The Products Filter screen will now show the master product with no pricing listed - and no longer display any variation items in the list. To view the variation products linked to a master item simply touch the master product in the list and a pop over will show all of the variations (including Pricing information).

            Tapping the Master item in the list will open a popup containing all the variation product information.

            Add Items Order Mode

            When taking an order via the Add Items mode the product variations will appear in the same pop over style as the product details screen.

            Whilst viewing the variation products you can open the "Details" popup or "Notes" popup by tapping the variation item, holding down your finder and sliding to the left. Here you will see the "Details" and "Notes" options, touch these options to open the relevant popup.

            StockCount Order Mode & Order Review

            The StockCount order mode differs from the Add Items because the variation products are not grouped underneath the master product. On this screen they are all displayed separately (much the same as Individual products). This enables you to take full advantage of the "previously ordered" columns on this screen with full context of the other products being displayed.

            Products on this screen are added to an order using the standard quantity popup in the far right location of the row.

            This is the same for the Order Review screen, all variation products are displayed ungrouped - to enough easy review of total products, qty and price across the order at a glance. Note that when an order is submitted only the variation products will be included on the order (as Master products are unable to be ordered).

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