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            Taking an Order with the Inzant Tradeshow App

            • To take a new order select "New Order" from the start up screen

            • Scroll to the required customer and touch "Start Order"

            • This will display the Order Review screen. If an order was previously started, any items will be shown.

            • To add more items, touch on "Add Items"

            • This will display the product filters to help you quickly find a product you are interested in.

            • Depending on your configuration you will see different options here. Select the filter you want and touch "Apply Filter"

            • A list of the filtered products will be shown. To order products, touch in the Ordered Zone and enter a quantity into the keypad that will be displayed.

            • If you slide a product row to the left, you have the option of viewing product details, including an image if selected in the options for download.

            • You also have the option of entering a note that will appear on the order with the product.

            • Continue adding products to the order as above.

            • Once the order is complete, touch on "Review"

            • This will change the display to show only the items that were ordered. You can adjust quantities in the normal manner.

            • If you touch on "Notes" you can enter order notes.

            • If you need to pause an order, that you would like to return to later, you can touch pause. This will save the order.

            • If you need to delete the order , this can be done by touching "Delete" and confirming the operation

            • When the order is ready to submit, touch on "Upload"

            • You can capture a signature if required and touch "Upload"

            • This will return you to the start up screen with the order added to the list of completed orders

            • A PDF version can be displayed for printing or emailing by touching the PDF

            • The PDF can be printed or emailed by touching the icons. To return to the startup screen touch the "<" icon

            • Paused Orders can be viewed and edited by touching on "Paused Orders"

            Updated: 03 May 2018 01:27 PM
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