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            Triggering an Import from MYOB AccountRight

            With the latest MYOB AccountRight integration you can easily trigger a Product, Retailer, Pricing or Associated Order import at any time.

            You will need to;

            Log into the Inzant Sales admin system, and navigating to the Company screen. You'll need to click on the "Configuration" menu item in the sidebar, and then "Company Details" link under General.

            Once the screen is loaded, open the Scheduled Task tab (calendar icon). Clicking the "Play" icon next to the task you'd like to run will trigger the import to happen. A small popup box will ask if you'd like to process the import straight away, click "OK".

            Once you've done this, the import will start in around a minute, and take a further 5 - 10 minutes to complete. After this you should be fine to sync your iPads to view the new content on the website.

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