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            Uploading Images using the File Uploader

            The Image Uploader application allows large amounts of files (i.e. Images & PDFs) to be uploaded at once, and in the case of images also be automatically linked to the relevant Product at the same time.

            Important Note: If you would like automatic Image linking enabled for your system get in touch with Inzant so it can be configured. Please note that images can be automatically linked to products on the basis of the image file name being identical to any of the following fields on the product;
            • Manufacturer Code (SKU)
            • Barcode 1 (UPC Code 1)
            • Barcode 2 (UPC Code 2)
            • Barcode 3 (UPC Code 3)
            Inzant supports only Jpeg and Png file formats, please use image conversion software if your images are in another format (like bmp or tiff). You can use software such as the adobe suite (paid subscription) or FastStone Image Resizer (small one off fee).

            Step 1

            Firstly you'll need to be logged into the Inzant Sales management / admin portal. Once logged in proceed to open the File Uploader screen (by clicking the Utilities icon in the top menu, then by clicking the "File Uploader" option in the widget menu). Alternatively, click on the "Configuration" sidebar menu option, and then "File Uploader".

            Step 2

            Once successfully logged into the "File Uploader" application click on the "Upload Image" icon, this will launch a popup window.

            Step 3

            In the newly raised popup window select the folder you wish to upload the images into. Please be mindful to select a folder that starts with "Images/" when uploading product image files.

            Step 4

            Once the right folder is selected you can select the upload files icon, this will launch the windows file selection window. You can use this to navigate to where your image files are stored and then select one of more files to upload. Once selected, click the "Open" button.

            Step 5

            After selecting and opening the files they will now be visible in the upload queue. The file uploader will work through all items in the queue, uploading 4 images at a time. This window must remain open for the files to upload, however you can continue to add new "batches" into the queue by following the same process and selecting more files to add into the queue (note that they do not need to be added to the same folder, you can change the folder before adding new batches).
            By default the "completed" files will be hidden from view (so only files being uploaded, pending upload or where an issue occurred are visible by default), however you can toggle the view of completed files using the checkbox setting under the upload queue table.

            Step 6

            Once all files in the queue are complete and you don't wish to upload any more images you can close the upload queue window. Note that if you attempt to close the window whilst there are files not in the "complete" state a warning message will appear and let you know that any files not yet complete will not be successfully uploaded. This covers uploading one or more product image files using the File Uploader application.

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