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            User Details - Adding a User

            To add a new user, you must first ensure you have enough free licenses. Navigate to the Subscription screen and if required, increase your license count to the required new level.
            Here is a guide on increasing your subscription level - Increasing your user Licenses

            Once you have confirmed there are enough licenses for the new user/s, go to the User Search screen and click on the “New User” action button to create the new user.

            User Type & Role

            The first thing to configure on a new user is the user type & role; select from the available user types. Note: if you do not currently have enough licenses to configure the user of a type the radio button in the top left corner of the box will not be selected. You have the option of buying more licenses if this is the case – this button will take you to the subscriptions screen. You will not be able to navigate away from this tab without selecting a user type.
            Once user type is selected, select a role from the drop-down selection.

            Basic Information

            Username, First name and Surname are all required fields to save the new user. Username must be a valid email address.

            User Details

            ‘Email to’ is a required field, however all other fields on this page are not required to be completed. Inzant recommends setting up a user image, and turning “Receive System Messages” on.

            Sales Territories

            On this tab you can configure the Sales Territories you’d like this user to be able to access whilst using a mobile sales device (in Inzant Sales Plus or Inzant Tradeshow).

            Linked Devices

            There is no requirement to interact with this screen whilst creating a new user - the configuration will be blank until a device is linked to the user (which cannot happen until the user is saved & the password is configured).

            Once you’ve completed the above steps you can click the “Save” button in the top right corner of the screen. You will be prompted whether you want to reset the users password (which prompts the user to setup a password) - if you want the user to get started with Inzant right away then click OK to approve this. If you don't want the user getting this email just yet then do not approve the process. See our Resetting Password guide for more details on how this process works.

            Reset Password

            If you did not approve the password reset process when you first created the user, you can always trigger the password reset at a later time via the below instructions.
            Once the user is saved and you’ve returned to the user search screen, reopen the user and in the More options drop-down trigger a password reset for the user. This will send the user an email with instructions on setting up a password. See our Resetting Password guide for more details. Once this is done the user will be able to access the mobile applications, the admin interface or both (depending on the user type).

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