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            User Details - Password Reset

            The User Details screen contains a “more options” drop-down menu which allows admin users to prompt password resets for all system users. This process works for all Inzant Sales users, – irrespective of user type. It will also allow users to reset their password on any device, using any browser.

            To reset the password in the Inzant Sales Admin interface, you’ll first need to navigate to the user details screen. You can do this by Opening the User Search screen (“Users” link in the Sidebar), then clicking the Edit icon in the User Search Table for the user you want to reset the password for.

            Once on the User detail screen, hover over the More Options drop-down menu, and click on Reset Password.

            This will then send an email to the user’s configured username email address (not the email configured in the “email to” field) containing a link to the password reset screen in Inzant, in addition to a 6 digit code which they will need to enter to successfully reset the password.

            The user will also need to enter a new password, and confirm the new password. The password must be at least 8 characters long and, contain at least one of each of the below:;
            • Upper case letter
            • Lower case letter
            • Numeral
            • Symbol

            Once the three form fields are complete, click on the “Save New Password” button. Provided the code is still active and the passwords both match & are secure enough you will be redirected to the login page.

            Please note that device & ScanPack users still cannot log in to this interface. H, however, the new password they set will be active for connecting to either the Inzant Sales Plus, Inzant Tradeshow or Inzant ScanPack apps.

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