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            User Password Management Overview

            Customer (contact) website passwords are not visible to any Inzant users, only the contacts themselves know their password - this is designed to protect the users private data. With regard password management, there is the potential for an Inzant Sales admin user, iPad user and the contact themselves to reset their password. Inzant allow's multiple different contacts for a single Retailer to login and interact with the website (i.e. place orders). As such when performing any website account management you'll need to make sure you select the appropriate contact.

            What happens during a Reset

            Resetting a password will generate a temporary password & then instantly email it out to the email address configured for the contact. This temporary password will only be valid for 48 hours, so the user will need to login with new password fairly soon. To login they just need to use the standard login form, their username and the temporary password emailed to them. By default the contacts "username" wont be included in the same email as their temporary password for security reasons, however depending on your system configuration you can request we alter this and Inzant may be able to assist.

            Setting a new Password

            Once they've logged in with a temporary password the system will prompt them to set a new password. New passwords require a minimum of 8 characters and enforce the user to include at least 1 number and at least 1 alphabet (letter) character.

            How can passwords be Reset

            Users can reset their own passwords using the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login form. This will open another form prompting the user for their username. If the user correctly enters their username, an email will be sent to the email address stored on the account customer with a temporary password. Using the temporary password the user will be able to login and will be prompted straight away to change their password.

            Please see a detailed guide on how iPad users can reset Passwords and manage user login information here.

            Please see a detailed guide on how Admin users can reset Passwords and manage user login information here.

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