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            User Search - Overview

            Users in Inzant are the actual human or system users that perform functions within the system. These include the mobile sales users, administrative users, ScanPack users, website & EDI Hub users.

            The User Search screen will display a list of all the existing users within the Inzant Sales system. You can reach the User Search via the Sidebar menu.

            The User Search screen has the following main functions:
            • Simple Search
            • Results Table
            • Available License Summary
            • Action Button

            The simple user search allows you to perform a simple text search on users in the system. The text you enter will perform a search on both the Username, First name & Surname fields in the system. The Search will handle partial matches, so should be very inclusive with the returned results.

            Results Table

            The Results table will display all the users that match the search parameters as individual rows. The below fields and the Edit button will all be displayed in separate columns:
            • Username
            • Full Name
            • User Type
            • Has Device
            • Role
            The Table will be have pagination in the bottom left corner of the table, enabling you to scroll back and forth between pages.

            The number of records in pages can also be changed in the bottom right corner of the table with a drop-down list to suit your needs.

            Available License Summary

            The Available License Summary is located directly to the left of the Action buttons, in the top right zone of the screen. This link will only appear if there are currently unused licenses configured in the system. The link will always link through to the subscription page.

            Action Buttons

            The User Search screen contains a single action button, which is the “New User” button. This is located in the top right of the screen, and clicking this will load a blank User Details screen ready to be populated.

            User Search in Responsive (Mobile) Mode

            The User Search functions just as well on responsive mobile or tablet screen sizes as it does on a desktop. All buttons and navigation flows are exactly the same as in desktop display, with the only omissions being the breadcrumbs and the available license summary.

            On smaller devices the full table might not display - however its designed to scroll horizontally based on swiping motions, so if you'd like to view the details screen for any users you'll need to swipe left to display the "Actions" column.

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